10 Signs You should Invest in Business Transcription Service

Let me tell you this: if you have a business, you must be in need of transcription services.

But, of course, I’m biased.

Business transcription services we can provide include:

  1. Corporate Meetings/Minutes
  2. Earnings Calls Transcription
  3. Web conferences Transcription
  4. Board Meetings Transcription
  5. Statements
  6. Webcast Transcription
  7. Workshop Transcription
  8. Planning Transcription
  9. Phone Interviews Transcription
  10. Product Launch Transcription
  11. Market Research Transcription
  12. Seminars
  13. Conventions

10 signs/scenarios to invest in business transcription services

1.     Your business has a ton of videos published on your website, but has very little to no articles!

It’s always great to have the problem of plenty rather than scarcity.  All you need to do is invest in business transcription service to convert your videos into articles and blog posts.  Business transcription will provide fodder for your online content and content marketing campaigns.  Publishing these content on your blog and other websites will provide massive SEO and online visibility to your business.

2.   You and your team organise webinars and seminars for clients and prospects as well as internal trainings and presentations.

Webinars, seminars, trainings and presentations often contain highly refined thoughts and educative materials.  These should be documented and captured using business transcription services.  These contents can then be used in your marketing campaigns to generally educate your prospects and customers.

business transcription service - presentation - will smith

Capture the Aha! moments in your presentation using transcription. We’ll never know what Will Smith said here without the transcript…

3.  You give talks and speeches at various business conferences and TV shows.

Talks and speeches at conferences and TV shows expose you and your business to the larger customer base.  It is wise to document these and highlight them on your website. You may also re-purpose them for internal trainings and content for books and other publications.

4.  You or your colleagues are often interviewed by the media or business bloggers.

Again if your management team or other employees are on TV commenting on business news, business strategies and are interviewed by journalists and bloggers, it is wise to transcribe and capture these and highlight them on your website and internal publications.  These thought leadership moments are gold to your content marketing team.

5.  Your personal assistants and internal support team is overwhelmed and hardly copes.

While it is good business to keep your personal assistants and internal support team busy and occupied, it not not wise to overburden them.  This could lead to burn-out, low quality services and potential errors of judgement on their part.  It may not be wise to employ full-time business transcriptionists either.  So outsource your transcription needs to a business transcription service provider to save costs and get professional, quality service.

6.  Your personal assistants and internal support team is no good at transcription or typing.

Obviously, not all assistants are good transcribers.  Investing in a good, solid business transcription service provider to meet your transcription needs is critical to your brand.  Professional business transcription service provides quick, accurate and confidential transcription service.

7.  You care about your business; its brand and reputation.

Professional business services are worth your investment.  While any Tom, Dick and Harry may be able to transcribe and type, it is no easy task to transcribe with accuracy and consistency.  Accuracy of content and consistency of style and tone is important and vital for businesses.  Your brand and reputation is all about consistency in presentation and style.

8.  You are too busy (and your time too expensive) to type our your own reports and e-mails or letters.

Have you tried dictation?  Dictating your report and e-mails or letters is a good practice to save time.  Invest in a good dictation recorder.  You can get one from Philips or Olympus, for example.  Dictate in the comfort of your home or office.  Send out the recordings to a business transcription service and get your transcripts back via e-mail.  All you have to do now is copy and paste.  What about using your assistants to transcribe, right?  Well, most business transcription service providers like TranscriptionPro are far less expensive than your in-house assistants and much better transcriptionists – efficient and economic.

9.  You make conference calls, earnings calls and organise telephone interviews with business partners and clients.

Yet another scenario to use business transcription service is to transcribe all your business calls.  These may include conference call, earnings calls and telephone calls.  Skype calls can also be recorded to be transcribed later.  While it’s good practice to documents business calls, it is good business to capture them using transcription.  Transcripts of call are great for reminders, references, and taking decisions.  You cannot always remember all the points you talk about with someone on the phone.  Quickly skimming through transcripts of your telephone calls will allow you to remember our discussions and agreements.

10.  Your support team calls out to prospects and clients as part of your customer retention and research. They may use telephones or Skype or other apps to call.

It’s great to transcribe these telephone research calls to understand your customers; what they like about your products and services, what they’d like to see you improve, etc.  Using business transcription service to capture these will help your product development team and your marketing team.  It will assist management in shaping their strategy and vision for the business.

business transcription service

Meetings Minutes Transcription

One of the most important uses of business transcription service is in critical board meetings and shareholder conferences transcription.  Audio recordings from important corporate meetings and business meetings are transcribed to capture the minutes and agendas and action plans.  They enhance business decision-making by improving shared information communication and transparency with regards the decisions.

Still not sure where to look for these signs?

Well, consult with us for free.  We will take a look at your business and business processes to see if it is worth for you to invest in business transcription service. Apart from transcription service, we also provide copytyping and other typing services to corporates and businesses.  Contact us for all your business transcription and typing requirement.