Audio Typist – Your Digital Transcription Assistant

TranscriptionPro is an audio typing expert and audio typing specialist first and foremost. Audio typing is where we excel and audio typing/transcription is our base to all other skills and services we’ve developed.

Who is an audio typist?

An audio typist is a professional transcriptionist or transcriber who converts speech into text.

An audio typist transcribes dictations, interviews, radio recordings, podcasts recordings, TV show, films, conferences, meetings, etc.

Your digital transcription assistant

An audio typist is especially common sight in law firms and real estate firms that have quite a bit of typing tasks on a daily basis.

Professional audio typists are a rare breed. Their skill of comprehending what is said and being able to translate that into legible and even print-ready sentences and documents is a marvel.

Audio typists also have great editing and proofing skills, good grammar and English language skills.

As an audio typist service, we assist with any typing you have.  Be it transcription, copy typing, word processing, data entry, etc.  We work with law firms, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who need typing services.

Characteristics of professional audio typists

Audio typists have fast typing speed

The average typing speed is 38 to 40 words per minute.  A professional audio typist, with TranscriptionPro, types at the rate of 70 t0 80 words per minute while simultaneously listening to the audio recording.  That’s twice the speed of the average typing speed.  Therefore, we are able to produce documents and transcribe audios much faster.

Audio typists type accurately

Also, audio typists type accurately.  They are able to comprehend the audio they are listening to and type out simultaneously accurately.  They have great comprehension skill and interpretation skills.

Audio typists are great editors

Audio typists make great editors.  They usually have a great deal of experience in writing and editing content.  They are grammar experts and have extensive experience with professional writing.

Audio typists are professionals

Audio typists treat your work with the utmost respect and regard.  They treat your information and content as privileged information and understand that they are confidential in nature.  They are professionals who do what needs get done and don’t make a fuss about it.

They manage your projects with utmost professionalism and deliver your projects on time.

Multi-talented Audio typists

Our multi-talented audio typists at TranscriptionPro can also assist you with other tasks.  They are able to help you with email management, SEO, WordPress installation and maintenance, Word document template creation and document editing.

Please feel free to contact us any time for any audio typing, transcription or document typing tasks. We empower professionals by saving their time and producing professional transcription processes.  Contact us for any virtual assistant you may need or any online transcription services.  Make us your back office to save cost and increase your profitability.  Creating values with us is in your hands. 


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