Audio Typing Company for Outsourcing Transcription Services

TranscriptionPro is a leading audio typing company providing excellent audio typing services globally.

We have served (and are still serving) companies, agencies and individuals with our high-quality audio typing services.  Many of our customers are law firms, solo lawyers and solicitors, business owners, translation agencies and court reporting companies.

We provide verbatim transcription as well as clean-read transcription for many of our customers.

Experienced Excellent Audio Typists

We are where we are because of our hand-picked team of experienced excellent audio typists that form the core of our business.  They are the assets without which there cannot be TranscriptionPro.

Our audio typists come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but one thing they have in common is the joy of serving others through their audio transcription skill.

With excellent editing and typing skills, our audio typists are highly qualified can be seen from our testimonial page.

Quality Audio Typing Company

TranscriptionPro’s audio typing services is second to none.  As a leading audio typing company, we differentiate ourselves from others by being down to earth and care deeply about our customers’ satisfaction.

We want to be the best help that professionals can depend and rely on.  We are friendly and trustworthy.

We serve almost all types of industries.  Some of our audio typing services include:

  1. Legal audio typing
  2. Business audio typing
  3. Real estate audio typing
  4. Conference audio typing
  5. Youtube audio typing for SEO purposes
  6. Interview audio typing
  7. Dictation audio typing
  8. Video audio typing
  9. Media audio typing
  10. Insurance audio typing
  11. Academic audio typing
  12. Social media audio typing

Highly Educated Audio typists for Lawyers

We serve lawyers and law firms with all their audio typing and transcription needs.  We call handle all your dictation typing and copy typing needs.

If your in-house support team is overwhelmed with work, we can easily lessen their burden and improve your workflow.  You don’t have to get stuck and encumbered because your support staff cannot provide you the critical support you need.

Audio Typing Services

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Our highly educated audio typists can double as virtual assistants by providing you with additional services like CRM management, email management, booking and travel management, social media management, keyword research, internet research, etc.

Audio Typing Services Guarantee

We guarantee at least 98% accuracy in content for all good audio recordings.  If you feel our audio transcripts are not meeting 98% accuracy, just write to us within 7 days of your transcripts being delivered and we will re-proof your audio transcripts for free!

Confidentiality and Security

All your information and content (including your audio recordings) are stored securely and discarded safely after all work is complete.  All our audio typists are bound by an NDA which they signed when they start working with us.