Audio to Text Transcription Services for Businesses

What is audio to text conversion?

Audio to text conversion is simply called transcription. Professionals who convert audio files to text are known as transcribers or transcriptionists.

The process of converting audio files to textual content using Word processing softwares is a time-consuming and repetitive task.  Most

Audio to Text Service

TranscriptionPro is a major audio to text service provider online.  We’ve established ourselves as a premier audio to text provider at affordable rates.

We have long-standing relationships with businesses from a variety of industries that we are providing audio to text services regularly.

Benefits of using our Audio to Text Services

  1. Flexible Transcription Styles and Formats
  2. Flexible Delivery Times
  3. Affordable Transcription Rates
  4. Experienced and Expert Transcribers
  5. Guaranteed Accuracy

Urgent audio to text service

We also provide urgent audio to text service for any expedited audio to text one-time projects or regular and daily requirements.

Our urgent transcription service is especially useful to legal, real estate and other professional firms that need short turnaround time because they want to provide responsive and quick services to their customers.

We can provide very short turnaround times includes 2-hour STAT and 4-hour STATs for audio files of up to 10 minutes in length.  That means, we can provide very short turnaround time to short letter dictations and reports.’

Audio Typing Services

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Outsource Your Audio Transcription Needs

Audio transcription is a time-consuming, repetitive and monotonous task that only suits individuals with a huge reserve of patience, keen eye for detail and passion for correct English grammar and usage.

Our English language transcriptionists are highly trained and experienced professionals who love transcribing and helping professionals like you.

Bulk Order Discounts

We also give big discounts to businesses that order in bulk.  If you have more than 10 hours of audio recordings for transcription we will give you a generous discount of 10%.

We can transcribe from all common audio file formats including, but not limited to, MP3, DSS, WAV, MP4, OGG, etc.

If you record your dictations using Dictaphones or an iPhone or any other smartphones we should be able to transcribe your audio files to text.

Make us your Transcription Provider of Choice

We promise excellent transcription services to businesses and companies that make us their transcription provider of choice.  Our aim and objective is to be the favourite transcription provider of businesses and professional companies that need transcription services regularly.

We want to earn the respect of professional organizations by working hard and delivering on our promise of high quality services and adding value to their investment in us.  We are here for the long run and not a sprint. We value open and honest feedback. We learn from our mistakes and strive to be the best we can be.

Audio to Text Transcription

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