Assisting Executive Assistants: Helping the Help

Executive assistants and personal assistants in big firms and companies are the busiest and most stressed people in business today.

Executive assistants are responsible for managing and assisting consultants and business leaders in their daily business activities.  Their work may also include handling calls and emails to doing research, dictating notes to typing and creating documents.  Some of them may also do a lot of airline and hotel bookings, CRM management, data capture and entry, etc.

Better results for you and your boss

Personal assistants and executive assistants in law firms and big companies are encouraged to live better lives by dropping their stress-inducing deadline-chasing tasks on us.  You don’t have to be always busy and stressed and harried.  You can live a stress-free executive assistant life and actually enjoy your job.

You work is important. Your boss depends on you to do the right thing at the right time in the right way every single time. That can be enough pressure for anybody. We understand. We want to help you better manage your workload and daily activities. You will benefit immensely from our assistant services and your boss will get better results every single day.

Assisting Executive Assistants – Kill Stress; Better Results 

TranscriptionPro has qualified and experienced executives assistants that can help with a range of activities. We understand that executive assistants in big companies are a stressed lot. They need all the help they can find.

If you are one of those very, very busy and stressed executive assistants we welcome you to try our services. We will make your life better and your work flow much smoother. You don’t always have to rush through the day chasing deadlines after deadlines.

We can help executive assistants with transcription (audio typing), data entry, data capture, CRM management, email management, airline bookings, hotel bookings, internet research, and copy typing (eg. PDF to Word document).

I personally have worked at KPMG and am currently working part-time at one of the biggest executive search firms in the world helping executive assistants like you.

Outsourcing your work to us will allow you to start actually enjoying your work and life more.  Leave the stress and headaches behind. Worry no more about upcoming deadlines and rush jobs. We’ve got you all covered.

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