Highly Accented English Transcription Service

English is the most widely spoken language globally.  None can argue.

There are about 400 million native English speakers and an additional 600-700 million speak English as a second language or foreign language.

That is, more people speak English with an accent than don’t.

English as a second language

English is also the language of the business world.  Most of the internal and external communications and publications by the global business is in English.

It makes sense, therefore, to be able to understand and transcribe highly accented English spoken by non-native English speakers especially by language services.

In our work as a transcription service provider, we are used to a variety of English dialects and accents.

In fact, recently one of our projects include a Japanese speaking English and a Thai speaking English.  English speakers as a second language are really hard to understand at first.  They sound different and most of the time they struggle to pronounce words and form grammatically correct sentences.

Generally speaking, Asians have a hard time pronouncing words with the letter ‘R’ in it.  For example, room would be pronounced as loom!

Non-native English Transcription

English is spoken as a second language in countries like India, Brazil, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.   Professionals from these countries are generally good in the language although they speak with an accent.  There is no denying that their first language has a lot of influence in the way they speak English.

In our transcription business, we often have to transcribe for global professionals working in many different corporations and businesses.  It makes sense, therefore, to be able to decipher and understand their unique accents and dialects.

Tips to Transcribe Highly Accented English recordings

  1. Customers are advised to provide as many reference materials as possible.  These may include presentations, profiles of speakers, links to articles and papers about the subject-matter, conference program sheets, etc.
  2. Samples and previous transcripts are very helpful.
  3. Follow the tips to recording good quality recordings.
  4. Make sure you optimize the quality of your transcription player.  Different transcribers use different settings in their transcription modules that they are comfortable with.  Use yours.
  5. Take time to listen and understand the speakers before you actually begin transcribing.
  6. Do not transcribe word by word; listen to a whole sentence and make sense of the context.
  7. If you are unsure, listen again and transcribe slowly.
  8. Do not rush.  Don’t go with the sound of the word, but with the sense of the words.

Highly Accented English Transcription Service

At TranscriptionPro, we provide expert Accent English Transcription service to global customers.  Some of our corporate customers or at least their employees are from Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia, US and UK.

You’d be surprise to find so many accented English speakers from countries like US, UK and Australia.  It’s because professionals from countries such as India, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan work in and for corporations in these native-English speaking countries.

Non-native English Transcription Service

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We transcribe:

  • Indian English
  • Chinese English
  • Japanese English
  • Thai English
  • Malay English
  • Scottish English
  • Irish English
  • Australian English
  • American English
  • UK English
  • Spanish English
  • Russian English and more…

In a globalised business world, there are going to be more second-language speakers of English than native-English speakers and TranscriptionPro is ready to take on the challenge and meet our target accurate rate of 98% for every transcript whether they include highly accented English speakers or not.

Contact us to transcribe your highly accented English recordings and dictations, you will get highly accurate and cost-effective transcription service that is reliable and efficient.

Non-native English Transcription Service

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