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  • Who are we

    TranscriptionPro is a professional typing and transcription service that provides transcription, typing, copy typing, virtual assistant and word processing services.

    We are professional transcriptionists and virtual assistants passionate about helping professionals. We deliver impeccable services together for over 5 years now.

    TranscriptionPro is started by Carey Suante. He loves pizza and reads novels and books in his limited spare time.

  • How We Work

    We work in teams.  Every transcription, every secretarial task is quality checked and monitored by a senior who signs off before delivery.  All our transcription is done by real humans. Not softwares.

    We work together with our customers to really achieve their desired goals.  Our transcription service is second to none.  Our customer testimonials speak for itself.

    Our services are affordable and confidential.

Our Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

      We work together on almost all projects.  Every transcription or editing task is shared by at least two of us.  This ensures quality and accuracy.

    • Lead by Example

      Perfection and excellence comes from practice.  Remember the 10,000 hours rule?  Seniors attain their position because they put in the hours and the hard work.  Juniors are guided to follow their footsteps.

    • We are Accessible

      We are on major social media platforms, including Facebook and Linkedin.  Our customers and prospects can contact us any time either by phone or my email.  Customers are encouraged to visit our facilities.

    • Be Respectful

      We jealously protect our processes, assets and customers’ information and contact details.  Our privacy policy and secure website speak for themselves.  All members of TranscriptionPro are required to sign a NDA before working with us.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

      Well, that’s why we are here!  Instead of working for large and established firms, we ventured down the untrodden path of freelance and entrepreneurship.

    • Strive for Excellence

      Having worked for so-called established and reputed transcription and secretarial firms, we believe we can differentiate ourselves from them by our excellent processes and results.

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