A Remarkable Legal Transcription Service for Law Firms

What we want to build is a remarkable legal transcription service for law firms all around the world.

Our passion is helping and assisting lawyers and solicitors in law firms who are very busy in spite of in-house assistants and paralegals helping them.

All of us in TranscriptionPro started out working as legal transcribers transcribing for lawyers and solicitors in the US or the UK.  We started out typing up dictations for large law firms in the US and the UK.  Most of us now have over 10 years assisting lawyers and solicitors typing legal dictations.

In an effort to be a remarkable legal transcription service provider we have identified 3 service offerings.

Remarkable Legal Transcription Service Principles

#1.  Flexibility

To meet your needs and requirement, we believe we have to flexible with our working hours and processes.  We are a flexible service provider.

  • We are open 24/7.
  • We provide dial-in dictation services if you need.
  • We also have an uploading form to submit your dictations, if that’s how you want.
  • You can also email in your dictations
  • Whether you need a fast turnaround, a weekend service or a holiday service, we provide them all.  We are always here to support and assist you any time.

#2.  Security and Confidentiality

Ours is a secure and confidential legal transcription service.  All our transcribers sign an NDA with us when they started work with us.  All our systems and processes are secured with passwords.  Our work stations are secure and inaccessible by any outsiders.

#3.   Accuracy and Timeliness

We have a two-level quality policy.  That means that every piece of dictation is quality checked and proofed.  Every piece of dictation passes through at least two experienced legal transcribers.  Quality is the ultimate measure of our success.  We want to be known for our remarkable quality service and results.

You always, always get your transcripts back on time every time.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekend, a holiday, whether it’s night or day.  You will get back your transcripts in the time you stipulated.

Remarkable Service for a Remarkable Law Firm

These three principles make us a reliable and unforgettable service provider to law firms and lawyers.   These are the principles we live by and work by.

We don’t want to be known for our affordable service.  We don’t want to be know for our friendly customer care.  Although we do that too.  We want to be known for something more… remarkable.  We want to be your partner and not just your outsourced transcription service provider.

Let’s do something amazing.  Let’s make you, your law firm, remarkable.