8 Qualities To Look For When Hiring a Secretarial Agency

secretary agency for transcriptionWhat do you look for in a secretarial agency?  What qualities do you require of any secretarial agency that you might want to hire for your transcription projects?

As a secretarial agency, here’s a list of qualities we nurture to be the best secretarial agency we can be.

  1. Quality transcriptionists usually have fast turnarounds– that is to say that they are efficient and fast in the transcription process.  When there’s an audio to be transcribed, they get on it right away and don’t procrastinate.
  2. Transcription professionals have high content accuracy.  The acceptable industry standard for transcription is 98 percent.  High level of accurate typing is also a hallmark of a professional secretarial agency.  In-depth knowledge of the industry and subject matter they work in is essential.  One may improve their transcription accuracy by editing and proofing over and over again.  However, professional secretarial agencies simply get it right the first time.  Accurate typing improves the overall efficiency and overall transcription accuracy.
  3. Transcription professionals are dependable and reliable.   Dependability and reliability is a rare commodity.  Especially one from a service provider like transcription services.  Law firms and businesses require reliable transcriptionist agencies as their businesses depend on their secretarial agency of choice.
  4. Excellent transcriptionists usually have enough experience and a proven track record for getting the job done quickly and correctly.
  5. Professional transcribers have a wide range of vocabulary and broad knowledge about most things.  They don’t have to be specialists in any subject.  They are up-to-date with happenings around world, and well-informed.
  6. Transcription professionals are excellent in using MS Word and formatting documents.  They are able to follow precise formatting instructions in MS Word.
  7. Experienced transcriptionists must be punctual, good communicators, and able to understand and follow specific instructions.
  8. Secretarial agency also know when/what to ask questions to ensure that they understand what is needed by clients.

These are the qualities we recommend you look for when searching for a secretarial agency whether you have a one-off or an on-going transcription project.  Especially for firms and companies looking to hire transcriptionists, the above qualities and qualifications will put your mind at ease.

TranscriptionPro transcriptionists and secretaries strive to imbibe these qualities on a daily basis.   We transcribe general content, biblical content, legal content and also general-medical content.  We partner with court reporting agencies and regularly transcribe corporate interviews, student research interviews and dictation of letters and notes.  We convert audio to text and video to text; and even text to text.

Photo courtesy of CollegeDegrees360(CC ShareALike)