7 Ways Copy Typing Service Can Increase Your Productivity

Copy typing services can be a valuable part of your office productivity.  Outsourcing all your copy typing requirements allow you to save time and money.  Using professional copy typists will increase your productivity and improve your services.

Here are 7 scenarios or ways you can use a copy typing service to increase your productivity.

#1.  PDF to Word Copy typing

You found that a PDF document of another law firm is the perfect document for your need.  However, you have no way of getting a hold of the Word version of the PDF document and personalize it.

What you can do is send the PDF document to your copy typing service and ask them to convert or copy type the whole PDF document into Word document, and make the necessary changes to fit your needs or your clients.

#2.  Word to Word copy typing

Sometimes you may need a Word document to be re-typed and reformatted to meet your current styles.  Copy typists can help you copy type Word documents into documents that need formatting and customizing.

#3.  Image to Word copy typing

Sometimes you found a document in image file for whatever reason.  Perhaps it’s a screenshot of a document or a website page.  All you have to do is send the image file to your copy typing service so they can type up the text within the image and create a new Word document from it.

#4.  Word Custom Style and Editing

Sometimes a Word document is so broken up it has to be reformatted and styled all over again.  That is when you can easily contact your copy typing service and ask them to edit the document to meet your current style and format.  This all goes to having a standard style and presenting a unique brand to your customers.

#5.  Editing and Tracked changes in Word documents

Copy typing services can also have you if you need editing of documents.  They can easily incorporate tracked changes in Word documents so you can see what changes are made.  Track changes function in Word is a good way to show different versions of the same document.  You can easily use either one of the versions that meet your requirement.

#6.  Proofreading document and grammar corrections

Copy typing services can also assist you in proofreading your documents and checking for any grammar error you may have.  It is very easy to overlook errors in spellings, inconsistent spellings, grammar errors, punctuation improvements in your documents.  It is always advisable that you allow a third-party like your copy typing service or transcriber to proofread your documents to improve your documents.

#7. Convert PPT Presentations to Word Documents or vice versa

Another way to use a copy typing service is to convert PPT presentations into Word documents.  Again copy typist can be instructed to present the text in any particular way you need.  Also, you can ask us to convert a Word document into PPT presentation for you.

We can assist you with copy typing

There can also be dozen of other ways to use a copy typing service like ours.  In fact, one of our law firm customers often asks us to create new document, amend document, proofread document and edit document.  We’ve also created diagrams, forms and tables for their documents.

It is up to your requirements and needs how you use your copy typing services.  TranscriptionPro is always looking forward to empowering professionals like you by using our copy typing and audio typing services. Contact us for any copy typing needs you have today.

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