7 Things About Your Transcription Agency Your Boss Wants To Know

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Take these into consideration…

Do you often wonder how to choose a transcription company to work with? Do you choose the one with the cheaper rate or one with a great customer care? Do you choose a big transcription company or a small one or perhaps a freelancer working alone from home? Do you choose one with great customer testimonial or one with fast turnaround time?

The truth is, it’s not always easy to choose and decide on one transcription company. The multitude of transcription companies doesn’t help you either. With most transcription services providers claiming to be the best, how do you choose one that will work for you, one that fits you in every possible way imaginable?

The Best Transcription Company for Your Business

Below are 7 things your boss wants to know about your transcription service provider. We also high recommend these 7 things when choosing the right transcription company for your firm.

  1. Does it specialize in your industry?

    There are transcription service companies for almost every field. Choose one that specialize in your industry, especially if your recording or dictation is of specialized subject in nature. This will go a long way in your relationship with each other. The quality of their services will more likely be excellent.

  2. Is it a reliable and trustworthy provider?  

    Choose a reliable company. A reliable transcription company means one which meets your expectations and needs in terms of quality, turn around time (TAT) and volume of output.

  3. It is positively reviewed by previous and current customers?  

    A transcription company that comes highly recommended by other customers in your industry or colleagues should be considered a potential partner in your business.  Alternatively, check their Testimonial pages to see their customer reviews.

  4. Is it cost-effective or affordable?

    A transcription company should be reasonably priced for your business to utilize their services. You should be able to save cost. That’s why it’s recommended to find a third world transcription company. A third world transcription company charges less because costs of living in those countries are low.

  5. Are they easy to reach and communicate with?

    I’d also add that a transcription company with a functional website and blog and has a dedicated online presence is to be preferred.  They should list their emails, address and phone numbers for you to reach them easily.

  6. Are they easy to work with?

    Choose a transcription company that makes working with them simple and easy. Ideally, they should be able to provide easy and simple means of sending and receiving files, send regular invoices, have helpful customer care and easy payment method.

  7. Are they secure?

    Security is a great concern to your boss.  Your transcription provider’s websites and offices should be secure.  They should have policies in place to protect your privacy and confidentiality of your content.

Any transcription agency or company that meets these 7 expectations of your boss will be a potentially best transcription provider for your firm.

An ideal transcription agency is one that fits your budget, meets your deadline consistently and finally, most importantly, is secure and confidential.

About the author – Carey Suante is a writer and entrepreneur. He founded TranscriptionPro Services after years of experience in blogging and internet marketing.  Contact him  for a no-obligation Transcription Quotation today for all your typing and transcription requirements.