4 Reasons to Transcribe Podcasts into Text to Make Money Online

Almost every blog has multimedia contents these days.

A podcast, now and then, gives your blog a face readers can relate to and keeps it more interactive and lively.
While it’s important to have podcasts and videos, it’s more important to make full use of these podcasts to make you more money online.

Podcasts are a goldmine, one of the most overlooked means to make money online.

Business reasons for transcriptions

Reason #1 : Convert podcast audios into articles

The first step to fully optimizing podcasts is to convert them into articles, also called transcripts. You can either post these articles along with the podcasts or separately. Adding transcripts to your podcasts maximizes textual content on your blog for search engines to index and adds more targeted keywords and keyword phrases to your blog. It also helps you in monetizing your blog using programs like Google Adsense. You can take it even further and utilize these transcripts as guest posts on other blogs or for article marketing.

Reason #2 : Convert podcast audios into ebooks

We all know the only way to fully maximize your earning potential is to sell your own information products. And, that’s why information products like ebooks have become a popular method to make money online. Having converted your podcasts into articles you can now easily edit them into ebooks. Whether you sell it or give it away, you have the means to help convert more readers into subscribers or into buyers.

Reason #3 : Convert podcast audios into premium newsletters

Premium newsletters keep popping up on every blog worth its salt. Having your podcasts transcribed into articles for a premium newsletter may be one way of making more money online leveraging your existing readership. The money is in the list, right?

Reason #4 : Convert podcast audios into premium membership contents

Yet another way to utilize transcripts of your podcasts is to edit them for premium membership site contents. If you podcasts are fairly popular and on a topic people are willing to pay for and make them money or improve their lives convert them into articles for premium membership sites to make recurring money online.

As you can see, it is easy and almost effortless to utilize podcast transcripts to make money online. You are limited only by your imagination as to how you want to monetize this goldmine. Converting your podcasts into text shouldn’t cost you a fortune either.