3 Months Free Trial – Diktamen Transcription Platform

blue_logoDiktamen one of the leading IT companies in the dictation transcription space is offering free trials to new customers.  Diktamen is a partner of TranscriptionPro.

The Diktamen dictation platform is an online dictation and transcription platform widely used by hospitals and law firms to manage their dictation workflow.

How Diktamen Dictation Platform works

As a dictation software it allows users to use any device to record their dictations.  You may use their desktop or smartphone recording apps or use any other dictation device to capture your dictations.  Once you complete your dictation, the audio files are transferred online to the platform to be order for transcription.

Once transcription is completed, your dictation transcripts are available for download or sent to your email direct.  It’s also a depository for your transcripts.  If you lose any letter, memo, etc you can also go back and download from your account.

The system allows you to specify turnaround time, rates, etc which you agreed with your transcription provider like us, TranscriptionPro.  Please write to us at [email protected] if you’re interested in taking this free offer.

3 Months free trial

The company is now offering 3 months free trial to our customers.  Clients who are interested in streamlining their dictation and transcription processes can take advantage of this generous offer for free.

Transcription and dictation platforms are widely used by hospitals and big law firms to get more out of their transcription providers in terms of efficiency.

Small and medium-sized companies can also improve their dictation and outsourcing processes for cost benefits and better management of their outsourcing processes.

Please write to us at [email protected] if you’re interested in taking this free offer.

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