10 Tips to Record Crystal Clear Audio Dictations for Transcription

Dictation is the process of recording spoken words into a digital format. You may record your dictation for safekeeping or for transcription. Transcription services like TranscriptionPro help professionals type your dictated reports, correspondence and letters.

A dictation may be considered crystal clear when there is no background noise, no interruption during the recording, no technical snags, and is spoken not too fast or slow. That’s the best type of dictations we love to work with.

  1. Invest in the best set of recording equipment you can. It will pay for itself. Equipment from Olympus and Sony are the best. (Aff. links)
  2. Check that your recorder is working: See that there is no technical snag that can compromise your recording. Before you record.
  3. Organize your data before you start recording: Ensure you have all the necessary notes, and in order. It’s quite a tiresome process when a dictation jumps all over the place.
  4. Dictate in a quiet area, with no distractions, background noise or interruptions. So that your voice is the only sound in the audio. Ideally, lock yourself in a room where no one can disturb you.
  5. Be seated comfortably or if you have a hand held device you may pace around slowly while you speak.
  6. Take turns to speak: If two or more persons are recording – say, in an interview, conference or discussion – take turns to speak.Don’t interrupt your colleagues.
  7. Speak clearly. Not too fast; not too slow. Pace yourself. Don’t dictate too fast just to save time and money, you may actually end up losing money if the transcription service charges you for difficult audio!
  8. Speak from 6 inches away from the recorder. Don’t speak too close into the mic. Nor too far either.
  9. Don’t rush. Dictate at an even pace and speak clearly.
  10. Don’t use abbreviations unless stating what it stands for at least once in the report.

The most important tip would be find the best transcription company that specializes in your industry and work with them so that there is a clear understanding of what is expected of them to get the best transcripts possible.

We transcribe dictations from lawyers and other professionals to help them save time, money and effort. Not to mention they get high quality, ready to print/client documents every day. Transcribe your dictations with us and beat the competition.

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